About 107 Cowgate

107 Cowgate is a space for news and analysis from a left republican perspective. Initiated after discussions with members of the James Connolly Society and others the site covers news and events in Scotland, Ireland and further afield. 107 Cowgate is not aligned to any political party or organisation.

107 Cowgate merchandise is exclusive and produced to the highest standards in fully unionised workplaces. 107 Cowgate produce our unique brand of revolutionary t-shirts, Cowgate Originals, as well as music, books and much more. All our products are exclusively designed and produced and are strictly limited editions.

107 Cowgate is also the sole producer and distributor of James Connolly Society merchandise, including members exclusives.

107 Cowgate is always developing and in recent times we have established a new initiative, Cowgate Tours, to meet the demand of readers for more information about James Connolly and the hidden, revolutionary history of his home city, Edinburgh.

As you will be aware the name, 107 Cowgate, represents James Connolly’s birthplace in Edinburgh’s Little Ireland. The strap line “We only want the earth” is a quote from Connolly’s song ‘Be Moderate’ and reads in full Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth.

107 Cowgate can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.